Volunteers educating Indigenous children in Latin America
BRUCE PANAMA, defending indigenous peoples & their culture
(Agenda SOS International - Bruce Panama)
Latest Updates ...Panama City Skyline ..Read of a people who will remain as they are, but may let us empower them some.
Coordinator of our Kuna programme in Panama, starting 11, 2007Celia, Now Coordinator of our projects with Kuna people in Panama. We are grateful to be joined by Celia, and also thank Vincent and his friends who are making it possible for Celia to participate with us in this challenging and rewarding project..
A strength of the Kunas to resist assimilation into conquering cultures -(They are one of only four known tribes in the western hemisphere to maintain their uniqueness these 4 centuries) is the Kuna social structure, which is matriarchal .
We have had three schools operating, with an average daily attendance of 60 to 70 very poor Kuna children
Calle Negro (moving to better quarters)
Las Nubes (Transitional location)
First Bruce Panama school for Kuna children. First school for Kuna children
Located in Arrajan, a tropical area twenty minutes drive north of Panama City, in the midst of a shanty settlement, where several thousand Kunas live in extreme poverty: their children uneducated.
Follow up is paying off for Bruce  kids already in schoolFollow up is paying off for Bruce  kids already in school
The tribes of Panama: Kuna, Ngobe, Emberá, Buglé, etc.
Our contract with them is to teach their uneducated children to read and write, but not do anything to change their indigenous culture.
Getting Started in Panama - First staff, first steps
Ana Tere, Isabel (Facilitator), Nadiuzka (Community co-ordinator), First school (Arraijan - 15 minutes from Panama City), Jan Van Erp (potential Co-ordinator) with Bruce, & potential students.
We salute our Volunteers who keep returning
Each new  Bruce  School is anopportunity for up to 50 children to get an education (While many others still work with us in their home countries) When we started our volunteer program we didn't dream so many kind talented people would take up the challenge of aiding 's poorest children as their own personal project. Thank you all.
Quiet Irishman sponsors and names a school after his Alma Mater back home.
Gavin Molloy, with help from some generous friends has patroned "Scoil losa"school in the barrio La Esperansa
Gavin Moloy sponsors new school for Bruce  children
So far 24 children are attending.
Volunteer life at Bruce 's Volunteer Life at Bruce - Photos of volunteers who have served or are serving at the various centres of Bruce. Also photos of some of our children in class, & at play.
Our artistic volunteers in Lima find new ways to annimate our studentsOrohan girls in Chiclayo helped by Bruce  volunteers
Puppet show in Lima
Bruce San Sebastian Vs Bruce Santiago in basketballSports day in Bruce  Huaraz
Bruce  children studying to be ready to enter school
January through March (summer holiday down here) we prepare 5 and 6 year old children - those who are so poor, abandoned or abused they would not be able to go to school if we don' find and help them..We give each centre a target of how many children we expect them to get into school. For March 2007 the target will be 1,000 to 1,300 children.
Our "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN" icampaign s catching  on.
Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN!" is still working in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering 's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit each year,

They will still go to bed hungry tonight..

Panama Open - April - With the participation of Kinder Zon we have opened our project in in Panama, and started the first schools for indigenous children (& some of their mothers). Our plan is to get enough schools functioning around the capital city to be able demonstrate to the Government of Panama that the large population of extremely poor children not in School must be urgently helped, as we are doing. Street Kids
Our provisional centre, in Arraijan - replaced by a hostel sharing in Old Town Panama City.
HIV / AIDS pandemic thrives in Latin America
Each new  Bruce  School is anopportunity for up to 50 children to get an education The publisher of the book "What's a Virus, Anyway", is coming to volunteer, and giving a quantity of these books in Spanish.. The UN has declared that the number infected with HIV/AIDS in Latin America is greater than that of Europe and the USA combined. If you live in one of these countries you would not know this - it is not reported in the media, talked about in the chambers of Government. They are in denial. But we know it is there, children and families in the communities we help are suffering: and there is little help available.
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Celebrating the contribution special volunteers have made to the poor our children. Our program is beeing led by teams of talented dedicated and fun volunteers. In the next update we hope to be able to include more volunteers who deserve to be here.
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Street Kids For over three decades Latin America has endured the unenviable distinction of having more street children per capita than any place on earth. What is less known is that for every child who sleeps in the street there are 300 more in practically the same condition who live on the street by day but at night sleep under a plastic sheet or in a woven read or adobe hovel with their siblings. Both are classed as "Street Children", the distinction being 'IN' the street, as opposed to 'ON' the street [those 'IN' are more likely to be addicted to drugs]. When we first arrived in we worked with both types of Street Children, but for the past two years we have concentrated our efforts and resources in helping the much larger but less known population of Street Children who live On the street; those abandoned in their own homes. During this time we have managed to open hub centres in 6 cities, with 20 satellite children's centres located in the poorest barrios: where we educate, feed, medicate and care for them.
Won't you join us!.
On 9 January - We reopen our programme to educate the poorest children in Cajamarca. When we left our original project in the hands of ex volunteers it was with the understanding that they would carry on this work;however they chose to operate a homework NEW Bruce eEru Centre in Cajamarca 05.10.2005 club for children we had already goten into school over a year ago. So we have returned. Above is our new, larger centre.
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New Bruce  Centre, Miraflores, Lima, We succeeded in enrolling all 27 children of our Las Palmeras shanty school into the local state school. This was unique in our experience in view of the facts: it was mid term, we only had a few months to prepare them, all entered into grades near to where they would have been had they been regularly attending school all these years.
Bruce  opens to help the poor children if Chiclayo The Ministry of Education have invited us to install our little schools for very poor children within sellected primary and secondary schools. We have agreed to operate a pilot in one school, and if the relationship works: will consider others.
Full storyBruce  Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05
Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us
..........as they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school